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HVAC Designing

Introduction to HVAC, Scope of designing, Basics and importance of HVAC, Future advancements in HVAC, Standards and codes used in HVAC, Modes of heat transfer in a building, Basic components of air conditioning,

Types of refrigeration cycles - Vapour absorption refrigeration system, Vapour compression refrigeration system, Study on psychometric charts (manual and software) - Properties of Air (DBT, %RH, WB, DPT, enthalpy).Study on refrigerants - Types of refrigerants, Evaporating & condensing properties of refrigerants,

Types of air conditioning systems - Window Air Conditioning Systems - Split Air Conditioning Systems, Central Air Conditioning Systems, Package Air Conditioning Systems, Categories of air conditioning - Air cooled system of air conditioning - Chilled water system of air conditioning - Air water system of air conditioning - Direct refrigerant system of air conditioning,

Design of Ventilation system - Introduction to Ventilation system- Components of Ventilation system. Energy conservation measures-District cooling, geothermal, under floor cooling, energy recovery wheel. Heat Pumps

Load calculation using E 20 manual calculation, Ventilation, Infiltration load calculations. Restaurant and residence kitchen ventilation system design. Parking area ventilation and designing. Toilet ventilation (Industrial and residential). External static pressure (E.S.P) calculation for selection of motor and fan.

Pump size and hydraulic head calculation for chilled water in pipe sizing. Evaporative Losses calculation in cooling towers. Stairwell pressurization system designing. Cold storage designing.

Study on ducts and its types. Study on air distribution systems - Types of ducts, Duct fittings, Dampers, Types of diffusers, Flexible ducts etc,

Duct elbows selections, Vanes location & number of vanes required, Duct material calculation.

Air terminal selection, Cold storage selection, Selection of Materials of Ducts. Primary and secondary pump selections. Duct material selection.

Selection of cooling tower. Selection of Chillers, AHU and FCU classification and selection, Package unit selection DX unit selection, Selection of Condensers (Air cooled, Water cooled, Evaporative), Selection of De-humidifier, Selection of Expansion tank.>

Plumbing PHE

Fundamentals of Plumbing System: Introduction, Definitions, Concepts, Fixtures, Faucets and Fixture fittings- Wash Basin, Water Closet, Bidet, Bath Tub, Shower, Urinals, Kitchen Sink, Floor Drain

Design of Domestic Water Supply and Distribution System: Requirements of Water Supply System, Water Demand Calculations, Water Storage Calculations - Underground Sump(UGS) sizing, Elevated storage Reservoir(ESR) sizing

Internal Water Supply System- Direct Pumping System, Hydro-pneumatic system, Over Head tank distribution system. Design Procedure for Internal Water Supply System- Probability equation / Hazen Williams Formula for Head Loss Calculation. Internal Water Supply Pipe sizing calculations. Pumping Calculations–HP/Watts. Number of tapping to be connected in Bigger Diameter Pipe. Material used in Internal water supply system.

External Water Supply System - Number of Population served, Number of Fixtures served by Each Pipe, Design Procedure for External Water Supply System. External Water Supply Pipe Sizing Calculations. Material used in External water supply system. Water Supply Schematic Layout

Design of Sanitary Drainage System- Requirements of Sanitary Drainage System, Types of Sanitary Drainage Systems, Single stack system, Single stack (partially ventilated) system, One Pipe System, Two Pipe System, System requirement for Internal Sanitary Drainage System. Internal Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations. Design Procedure for External Sanitary Drainage System.

Design of Sanitary Drainage System- External Sanitary Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations, Calculation of Slope by Manning’s formula, Calculating Depth of Inspection Chamber/ Manholes, Sanitary Drainage Schematic Layout. Design of Storm Water Drainage System. Using Continuity Equation, Manning’s Formula and Rational Formula. Storm Water Drainage Pipe Sizing Calculations. Material used in Sanitary Drainage system.

Introduction to the specialized PHE- Schematic Layout of Water Treatment Plants. Schematic Layout of Sewage Treatment Plants, Plumbing Drawings.

Fundamentals of Fire Fighting System– Introduction, Definitions, Requirements of Fire Protection System- Fire extinguisher, Hose Reel, Dry Riser, Wet Riser, Down Comer, Yard Hydrant, Automatic Sprinkler system. - Design of Fire Protection Schematic Layouts and Pipe Sizing- Design of Fire Water Storage and Pumping Calculations.

Introduction to the Fire Detection Application: Addressable and conventional Fire Detection Alarm system. Selection of devices and accessories. FDAS Schematic Layout.

Design & Drafting

Duct designing methods (manual calculations) using - Equal friction method, Velocity reduction method, Static regain method. Pipe sizing methods-Refrigerant Pipe sizing, Chilled water pipe sizing.

SOFTWARE DESIGNING- Cooling and heating load calculation using Hourly Analysis Programme (HAP). Calculation of duct Mc Quay Duct sizer and Duct Checker. Calculation of pipes Mc Quay pipe sizer. Air terminal selection by using BETA Programme

DRAFTING- Introduction to Drafting using Auto CAD - Fundamentals and basics of HVAC. Symbols and codes used in HVAC designing. Types of Drawings used in the industry. Study & Preparation of Floor Drawings. Conventional type air conditioning system drawings-Window air conditioning system drawing-Split air conditioning system drawing, Cassette-type air conditioning system drawing.

Ventilation system drawings, Kitchen hood drawing, Car parking ventilation drawing, Toilet ventilation drawing. Chilled water pipe drawing. Ductable air conditioning system drawing, Package air conditioning system drawing. Section drawings of projects. 3D Modeling using REVIT MEP (optional).

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